Why not affirm your culture and origins by enjoying a cup of tea, coffee or a good hot chocolate?
In addition to accompanying you in your moments of relaxation, Rootz Shop mugs are a simple way to remember our roots, and always with pleasure! ☕

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“Black Woman” Mug
“Black Woman” Mug Sale price$29.00
Mug "Princess" - Rootz shop
Mug "Princess" Sale price$29.00
Mug "Black Excellence" - Rootz shop
Mug "Black Excellence" Sale price$29.00
Mug "Queen Afro" - Rootz shop
Mug "Queen Afro" Sale price$29.00
“Wrap Kente” mug
“Wrap Kente” mug Sale price$29.00
Mug "Afro Super Nana"
Mug "Afro Super Nana" Sale price$29.00
Mug "Coeur de tissu - Madras" - Rootz shop
“Baoulé Patterns” Mug
Mug "Afro Girl Cartoon" - Rootz shop
Mug "Afro Girl Cartoon" Sale price$29.00
Mug "I love my afro" - Rootz shop
Mug "I love my afro" Sale price$29.00
Mug "Coeur de tissu - Wax Hibiscus" - Rootz shop
Mug "Black and Strong, like my Men" - Rootz shop
“Black Women are Powerful” Mug
Mug "Beautiful day to be Black"
Mug "Afro Sun" - Rootz shop
Mug "Afro Sun" Sale price$29.00
Mug "Coeur de tissu - Kente" - Rootz shop
Mug "Afro Moon" - Rootz shop
Mug "Afro Moon" Sale price$29.00