Men's Hooded Sweatshirts

Whether you're wearing a hoodie to refine your style or feeling cozy at home, our collection brings an intimate touch by featuring 100% Afro patterns and designs! Between strong messages and colors specific to African and Caribbean culture, enjoy a style aligned with your origins.


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Sweatshirt capuche "Black Excellence" - Rootz shopSweatshirt capuche "Black Excellence" - Rootz shop
Sweatshirt capuche "Melanin / Supreme style" - Rootz shopSweatshirt capuche "Melanin / Supreme style" - Rootz shop
Sweatshirt capuche "Griffes Kente B" - Rootz shopSweatshirt capuche "Griffes Kente B" - Rootz shop
“Black, not black” hooded sweatshirt“Black, not black” hooded sweatshirt
“Afro Patterns” hooded sweatshirt“Afro Patterns” hooded sweatshirt
“Baoulé Pattern” hooded sweatshirt“Baoulé Pattern” hooded sweatshirt