Discover our range of t-shirts with afro patterns to display and adopt a style specific to black culture!
In addition to offering you a wide choice of colors, we take care to integrate deep and strong messages to make our voice heard! ✊🏾


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“Soft as the alloco” T-Shirt“Soft as the alloco” T-Shirt
“I Love my Dark Skin” T-Shirt“I Love my Dark Skin” T-Shirt
“Black Women are Powerful” T-Shirt“Black Women are Powerful” T-Shirt
Black Love T-ShirtBlack Love T-Shirt
Black Love T-Shirt Sale price35,00€
“Black Lives Matter” T-Shirt“Black Lives Matter” T-Shirt
“Beautiful day to be Black” T-Shirt“Beautiful day to be Black” T-Shirt
“Black Woman” T-Shirt“Black Woman” T-Shirt
“Black Woman” T-Shirt Sale price35,00€
“Afro Super Nana” T-Shirt“Afro Super Nana” T-Shirt
“Beautiful” T-Shirt“Beautiful” T-Shirt
“Beautiful” T-Shirt Sale price35,00€
“Black, not black” T-Shirt“Black, not black” T-Shirt
“Afro Patterns” T-Shirt“Afro Patterns” T-Shirt
“Afro Patterns” T-Shirt Sale price35,00€
“Baoulé Patterns” T-Shirt“Baoulé Patterns” T-Shirt
“Black, not black” T-ShirtT-Shirt "Noir, pas black" - Rootz shop
“Afro Comb” T-ShirtT-Shirt "Peigne Afro" - Rootz shop
“Afro Comb” T-Shirt Sale price35,00€
“I love my Afro” T-ShirtT-Shirt "I love my Afro" - Rootz shop
“I love my Afro” T-Shirt Sale price35,00€
T-Shirt "Afro Girl Cartoon" - Rootz shopT-Shirt "Afro Girl Cartoon" - Rootz shop
"Afro Girl Cartoon" T-Shirt Sale price35,00€
T-Shirt "Afro Moon" - Rootz shopT-Shirt "Afro Moon" - Rootz shop
“Afro Moon” T-Shirt Sale price35,00€
T-Shirt "Afro Sun" - Rootz shopT-Shirt "Afro Sun" - Rootz shop
“Afro Sun” T-Shirt Sale price35,00€
T-Shirt "Don't touch my hair !" - Rootz shopT-Shirt "Don't touch my hair !" - Rootz shop
T-Shirt "Melanin / Supreme style" - Rootz shopT-Shirt "Melanin / Supreme style" - Rootz shop
T-Shirt "Griffes Kente B" - Rootz shopT-Shirt "Griffes Kente B" - Rootz shop
“Kente B Claws” T-Shirt Sale price35,00€
T-Shirt "Nappy / Supreme style" - Rootz shopT-Shirt "Nappy / Supreme style" - Rootz shop
T-Shirt "Black Excellence" - Rootz shopT-Shirt "Black Excellence" - Rootz shop
“Wrap Kente” T-Shirt“Wrap Kente” T-Shirt
“Wrap Kente” T-Shirt Sale price35,00€
T-Shirt "Queen Afro" - Rootz shopT-Shirt "Queen Afro" - Rootz shop
“Queen Afro” T-Shirt Sale price35,00€
T-Shirt "Princess" - Rootz shopT-Shirt "Princess" - Rootz shop
“Princess” T-shirt Sale price35,00€