A great way to escape the chill of the cold seasons and light spirits by opting for our collection of sweaters! Each piece is unique while offering an authentic design that will bring a little balm to your heart.
Our sweaters are available in a wide range of styles and designs, without ever forgetting our roots of course! ✊🏾


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“Belle” sweater“Belle” sweater
“Belle” sweater Sale price$51.00
Pull "Melanin / Supreme style" - Rootz shopPull "Melanin / Supreme style" - Rootz shop
“Wrap Kente” sweater“Wrap Kente” sweater
“Wrap Kente” sweater Sale price$51.00
Pull "I love my afro" - Rootz shopPull "I love my afro" - Rootz shop
Pull "Black Excellence" - Rootz shopPull "Black Excellence" - Rootz shop
“Black, not black” sweater“Black, not black” sweater
“Afro Super Nana” sweater“Afro Super Nana” sweater
Pull "Don't touch my hair !" - Rootz shopPull "Don't touch my hair !" - Rootz shop
“Black Woman” Sweater“Black Woman” Sweater
“Black Woman” Sweater Sale price$51.00
“Afro Pattern” Sweater“Afro Pattern” Sweater
“Black, not black” sweaterPull "Noir, pas black" - Rootz shop
Pull "Queen Afro" - Rootz shopPull "Queen Afro" - Rootz shop
“Queen Afro” sweater Sale price$51.00
Pull "Griffes Kente B" - Rootz shopPull "Griffes Kente B" - Rootz shop
Pull "Afro Girl Cartoon" - Rootz shopPull "Afro Girl Cartoon" - Rootz shop
Pull "Afro Moon" - Rootz shopPull "Afro Moon" - Rootz shop
“Afro Moon” sweater Sale price$51.00
Pull "Princess" - Rootz shopPull "Princess" - Rootz shop
“Princess” sweater Sale price$51.00
“Baoulé Pattern” Sweater“Baoulé Pattern” Sweater
“Afro Comb” Sweater“Afro Comb” Sweater
“Afro Comb” Sweater Sale price$51.00
Pull "Afro Sun" - Rootz shopPull "Afro Sun" - Rootz shop
“Afro Sun” sweater Sale price$51.00
Pull "Nappy / Supreme style" - Rootz shopPull "Nappy / Supreme style" - Rootz shop
“Black Love” sweater“Black Love” sweater
“Black Love” sweater Sale price$51.00
“I Love My Dark Skin” sweater“I Love My Dark Skin” sweater
“Black Women are Powerful” sweater“Black Women are Powerful” sweater
“Black Lives Matter” sweater“Black Lives Matter” sweater
“Beautiful day to be Black” sweater“Beautiful day to be Black” sweater