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In order to bring Afro charm with a dose of testosterone, our men's collection is wreaking havoc! Gentlemen, it's time to take advantage of a range of unique products to revamp your wardrobe: t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, sweaters and other accessories... All 100% AFRO! ✊🏾


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Pull "Black Excellence" - Rootz shopPull "Black Excellence" - Rootz shop
Sweatshirt capuche "Black Excellence" - Rootz shopSweatshirt capuche "Black Excellence" - Rootz shop
T-Shirt "Black Excellence" - Rootz shopT-Shirt "Black Excellence" - Rootz shop
Débardeur "Black Excellence" - Rootz shopDébardeur "Black Excellence" - Rootz shop
Pull "Melanin / Supreme style" - Rootz shopPull "Melanin / Supreme style" - Rootz shop
Sweatshirt capuche "Melanin / Supreme style" - Rootz shopSweatshirt capuche "Melanin / Supreme style" - Rootz shop
T-Shirt "Melanin / Supreme style" - Rootz shopT-Shirt "Melanin / Supreme style" - Rootz shop
Débardeur "Melanin / Supreme Style" - Rootz shopDébardeur "Melanin / Supreme Style" - Rootz shop
Pull "Griffes Kente B" - Rootz shopPull "Griffes Kente B" - Rootz shop
“Kente B Claws” sweater Sale price45,00€
Sweatshirt capuche "Griffes Kente B" - Rootz shopSweatshirt capuche "Griffes Kente B" - Rootz shop
T-Shirt "Griffes Kente B" - Rootz shopT-Shirt "Griffes Kente B" - Rootz shop
“Kente B Claws” T-Shirt Sale price35,00€
Débardeur "Griffes Kente B" - Rootz shopDébardeur "Griffes Kente B" - Rootz shop
“Kente B Claws” tank top Sale price35,00€
“Black, not black” sweaterPull "Noir, pas black" - Rootz shop
“Black, not black” T-ShirtT-Shirt "Noir, pas black" - Rootz shop
“Black, not black” hooded sweatshirt“Black, not black” hooded sweatshirt
“Baoulé Pattern” Sweater“Baoulé Pattern” Sweater
“Baoulé Pattern” hooded sweatshirt“Baoulé Pattern” hooded sweatshirt
“Baoulé Patterns” T-Shirt“Baoulé Patterns” T-Shirt
“Afro Pattern” Sweater“Afro Pattern” Sweater
“Afro Pattern” Sweater Sale price45,00€
“Afro Patterns” hooded sweatshirt“Afro Patterns” hooded sweatshirt
“Afro Patterns” T-Shirt“Afro Patterns” T-Shirt
“Afro Patterns” T-Shirt Sale price35,00€
“Beautiful day to be Black” T-Shirt“Beautiful day to be Black” T-Shirt
“Black Lives Matter” T-Shirt“Black Lives Matter” T-Shirt
Black Love T-ShirtBlack Love T-Shirt
Black Love T-Shirt Sale price35,00€
“Black Women are Powerful” T-Shirt“Black Women are Powerful” T-Shirt
Bonnet "Black Excellence" - Rootz shopBonnet "Black Excellence" - Rootz shop
Bonnet "Melanin x Supreme" - Rootz shopBonnet "Melanin x Supreme" - Rootz shop
Bonnet "Strong Africa" - Rootz shopBonnet "Strong Africa" - Rootz shop
“Strong Africa” beanie Sale price35,00€
Casquette "Black Excellence" - Rootz shop
“Black Excellence” cap Sale price35,00€
Casquette "Melanin x Supreme" - Rootz shopCasquette "Melanin x Supreme" - Rootz shop
“Melanin x Supreme” cap Sale price35,00€
Casquette "Strong Africa" - Rootz shop
“Strong Africa” cap Sale price35,00€
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Swim shorts - SikaSwim shorts - Sika
Swim shorts - Sika Sale price50,00€ Regular price80,00€
Save 38%
Swim shorts - MokoloSwim shorts - Mokolo
Swim shorts - Mokolo Sale price50,00€ Regular price80,00€
Save 38%
Swim shorts - BastSwim shorts - Bast
Swim shorts - Bast Sale price50,00€ Regular price80,00€
Swim shorts - OjiSwim shorts - Oji
Swim shorts - Oji Sale price80,00€
Swim shorts - UlaSwim shorts - Ula
Swim shorts - Ula Sale price80,00€